Changing the landscape of security with Martyn's law

Martyn’s Law, also known as ‘Protect Duty’ is set to change the landscape of security as it sets out legislation to ensure better protection against terrorism within public spaces.

In 2017 as concert goers were leaving the Manchester Arena, a terrorist detonated an explosive device leaving 22 dead and more than 250 injured. ‘Martyn’s Law’ in tribute of Martyn Hett who was among those killed in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack requires venues to step up their efforts to improve public safety. The current draft legislation is due to be published in early spring, Rishi Sunak the UK prime minister said he was committed to working with Ms Figen Murray (who holds an OBE for her counter-terrorism work) to deliver “this vital legislation to honour Martyn’s memory and all of those affected by terrorism”.

The new ‘Protect Duty’ will require venues to improve public safety with a preventive action plan against terrorist attacks. Each action plan will be determined by the size of the venue and the activity taking place following a ‘tiered model’ which will include an enhanced tier to focus on high-capacity locations.

The new ‘Protect Duty’ legislation would affect

  • Entertainment venues and festive event organizers
  • Event security teams
  • Private and public sector organizations: Large and small
  • Public Spaces: Parks, beaches, town & city squares & pedestrianized areas
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To start your compliance journey in preparation of the new ‘Protect Duty’ legislation

Smart Safety Platform.

Our Smart Safety Platform supports Martyn’s Law with AI-driven video analytics that automates your surveillance for a safer more secure environment.

Features include: Video search, search against appearance type, pedestrian monitoring, people counting and flow, vehicle detection and behavioural analysis along with real-time alerts and automated workflows.

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