Keeping count with video analytics

People counting and queue management made easy for entertainment venues

Remark’s UK division has been awarded a project with a world-renowned entertainment and sports venue in England that boasts over 600,000 visitors a year.

Implementing Remarks’ AI-driven video analytics solution ‘Smart Safety Platform’ (SSP)’ for people counting, queue management, and crowd control to improve the venue’s operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.  The Smart Safety Platform provides high-accuracy, energy-efficient AI computation with an interactive and friendly UI for end users to benefit from.

Using the SSP platform entertainment venues can review data-driven intelligence for a full understanding of passenger flows, capacities, and insights into peak times. This level of data enables venues to accurately predict demand on its operations, to create a more effective roster or improve overall resource planning. Historically, this was only possible with the use of surveys or manual observations, which fails to deliver an accurate overview.

AI-driven video analytics
Shing at Remark comments, “Knowing how many people are within your facilities has become more important than ever before since health mandates are in place to keep people safe and businesses open. For hospitality and entertainment venues this has led to finding new ways to monitor crowds and break up clusters of people when gatherings become too large”.
Shing Tao
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